Quality healthcare ensures a better life
Jasmine Al Kuttab
Filed on 21/10/2017

Quality healthcare ensures a better life

It is also Abu Dhabi's excelling medical sector that makes the UAE Capital a top place to call home, said Dr Shamsheer Vayalil, founder and managing director of VPS Healthcare.

"There was a time when residents and expats used to leave the country for medical treatment, but not anymore.

"Today, leaving the country for medical purposes has reduced because of the convenience of staying at the place of home and work, while having the best quality of care," added Dr Vayalil.

The 40-year-old self-made billionaire, pointed out that Abu Dhabi has also become a hub for top doctors and surgeons from around the world, to make their move to the city.

"It has become easy for us to attract international doctors to move and work here, because they know that the environment is right, they know the quality of work is constantly improving and they know that the quality of life is much better, compared to many cities in the world.

"Convincing top doctors around the world is now easy, which makes Abu Dhabi's healthcare delivery also rated at the top."

Dr Vayalil said medical treatment in the Capital is also becoming more affordable, because the prices of healthcare turns competitive whenever the capacity of residents increases.

"The quality is as good as any other leading country in the world."

He added that Abu Dhabi is quickly blossoming into a medical hub, which also makes it one of the best medical tourism industries in the world.

"I think very soon you will hear Abu Dhabi as one of the best cities for medical tourism, because the air connectivity is excellent, the environment is safe, and the people are kind.

Moreover, with the opening of Burjeel Medical City in 2018 - which will become the largest oncology hub in the Middle East - Abu Dhabi will certainly witness a rise in medical tourism.

Dr Vayalil highlighted that the UAE Government also motivates and encourages innovative business ideas that aims to help communities, which is why Abu Dhabi is a hot spot for business leaders in the medical field.

"These are all essential ingredients that make Abu Dhabi an attractive hub for those in the medical sector, opening businesses, or having treatment.

"You don't hear about any hospitals closing down, so that is a good sign that the healthcare facilities are highly believed in and trusted by the people.

"A good quality of life means you should have good quality healthcare at your doorstep."


It's a vibrant cultural hotspot

(As told to Anjana Sankar)

Bill Bragin has been etching the public art programme and community interaction at the NYU Abu Dhabi Arts Centre since September 2014, when he came to Abu Dhabi.

One of the most influential figures in New York's music scene, Bragin says the reason why Abu Dhabi is a cultural hub is because Abu Dhabi is also a global hub.

"It has an amazing combination of people coming from all over the world, and bringing in their culture, entrepreneurship and openness. That in itself makes for a vibrant cultural landscape.

"Another important thing is that the leadership of the country has designated lots of importance to culture and cultural development. So there is emphasis on supporting organisations and institutions like the NYU Art Centre and Warehouse 24."

He said there is a sense of dedication and understanding that culture is important for the development of the society and its people.

"The other thing that makes Abu Dhabi a cultural hotspot is that there is a spirit of strong entrepreneurship, and a sense of optimism and opportunity."

"People come to Abu Dhabi not just because of its cultural landscape. The city is also ideal for creativity and innovation, not just in arts, but in every field, including science and technology."

Bragin added that art is one of those spaces that needs creativity and free spirit, which is found in Abu Dhabi.

"Abu Dhabi is attracting world talents who are willing to leave the place they grew up in and come with an openness and willingness to explore the unknown. That benefits art."

He said the expat community brings with it the international mindset and openness and a real commitment to art that is expressed in innovative ways.